Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

If you are State Department, look at the bid counts for Kingston when bidding. - May 2022

I didn't think carefully enough about the effects on my teenagers. This has been the worst post we have been at for them. - May 2022

When everyone hears that you are headed to Jamaica, they will be envious, but Kingston is not a great city. I feel like I should have been more prepared for how hard day-to-day life would be. That being said, you are an hour from Paradise. - Jan 2020

How expensive it would be and how slowly things are done. A favorite local phrase is "soon come" which means anywhere from five minutes to never. - Aug 2018

I knew food and groceries would be expensive but it's EXPENSIVE! - Mar 2017

Nothing. I love it here and feel fortunate to be posted here. - Apr 2016

Nothing. I had been here before and knew what to expect. - Mar 2014

How little there is to do for a family in Kingston -- seriously, it's the Bob Marley Museum, a bad zoo and Devon House, and that's it. We'd have been much more able to roll with it if we had been prepared. - Dec 2013

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