Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Very limited. Many of the places which would need volunteer opportunities are in the off-limits zone. - May 2022

They are there but not well-connected or established. Make your own, attend ones the school community offers like beach cleanups, donate stuff, collect stuff to donate, sadly, that's about it. I love volunteering and had so much energy to give of time and skills, but I am also a white person and I felt that I may be pushing my white privilege on the local population at times; I am aware that I do not want to be a white savior. I found ways to help that were not of that kinds. Beach clean-ups are great, organizing events to raise funds for causes, etc., is the way to go. - May 2022

We are very disappointed that there are not more volunteer opportunities. So many areas of Kingston are "off limits" to us. This really prohibits what we can do. People are working on finding opportunities, but nothing is currently organized. - Jan 2020

Many! A lot of folks come from the US to volunteer. Anything from orphanages to environmental issues. - Jun 2018

Orphanages, schools, salvations army, local churches. - Mar 2017

Maybe at the schools. - Apr 2016

Several. There are under served local orphanages, animal shelters, food banks, etc. that need help. Most are willing to accept volunteers. - Dec 2014

No idea. - Dec 2013


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