Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you recommend any books or movies about this city/country for those who are interested in learning more?

Not really you know Bob Marley. The Bobsleigh team. The people here can be warm welcoming and friendly or not, so much depending where you go same as everywhere else in the world. - May 2022

A Brief History of 7 Killings and Here Comes the Sun are two recently published novels worth reading. The authors Marlon James and Nicole Denis-Benn have also written informative essays related to life in Jamaica in various US publications. Other authors of interest include Anthony Winkler, Kei Miller. Any history book on the transatlantic slave trade/sugar industry in the Caribbean. - Jun 2018

A Brief History of 7 Killings - Apr 2016

The Dead Yard: A Story of Modern Jamaica -- depressing, but gives you a feel for the Jamaica outside of the tourist brochures. - Dec 2013

National Geographic Insights - Aug 2011

n/ - Jul 2010

Rough Guide to Jamaica, most of the tourist-type books are fairly accurate. - Nov 2009

There are many good travel books on Jamaica, look in your local book store - Jan 2009 & Youtube vidoes on Jamaica. Both are helpful. - May 2008

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