Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

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If you are State Department, look at the bid counts for Kingston when bidding. There is a reason for that, and it goes beyond what is reported on this form. - May 2022

Reasons to come here are, proximity to US, job satisfaction, probably not promotion opportunities, or a great posting after this, schooling maybe, nice weather, access to resorts. You like your own company and stay home a lot. - May 2022

Kingston can be a great post; however, it definitely has its issues. Be prepared to plan at least monthly trips to the North Coast just to keep sane. - Jan 2020

Dont listen to most people who havent been here before. There are a lot of negative things talked about here. Yes, the crime rate is high in Jamaica, but it is mostly between gangs, and they don't bother you. Just dont get caught up in the wrong parts of town and/or with the wrong people, and you will be fine. - Jul 2010

This is a high-crime post, you need to seriously consider whether it is worth coming here. - May 2010

Do not come here if you have kids, they will not like it here. - Jan 2009

Jamaica is not for the soft and closed-minded. Several things sometimes do not work -- power outs, Internet outs, road blocks. Daily life is harder than where you may be coming from, but not a bad experience. I often say I have a great love / hate relationship with this soil, as some days I love it, and yet other I scream to myself. - May 2008

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