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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Most of the time, your home internet will be setup by the Embassy (for Embassy families) before you arrive; you just pay the bill. Internet service is good, but you WILL experience outages. - May 2022

Yes, it's been quite good. So far so good. I need good internet, and it is better here than in Mexico (one mile from the border with the US), so you can work online. - May 2022

This is not a problem. The Embassy actually has it installed before you get here. It is semi-reliable. It is common to have it go out once or twice a month for an hour or so. - Jan 2020

Internet can be installed prior arrival. It is reliable most of the time. However, if there is an outage, the customer service representative is never able to tell how long it will take to restore the services. The prices are comparable to the U.S. - Aug 2018

Yes, costs depends on your phone plan as they are typically bundled. Service is relatively quick and efficient in my experience with FLOW. Digicel is a competitor. - Jun 2018

Yes. There are outages sometimes and the company is basically unresponsive when that happens. Again, customer service is not a priority. It can usually be set up prior to your arrival. - Mar 2017

Yes, US$80 a month - Apr 2016

It is available and very reliable. The speeds are pretty much the same as in the U.S. and the cost for phone/tv/internet packages are roughly what you'd expect to pay in the States. - Dec 2014

Yes, through FLOW. GSO sets it up in your house so it's working when you arrive. HUGE PLUS!! Never had any connectivity issues. - Oct 2014

Yes, but it is about double what you would pay in the States. - Mar 2014

Yes. It's expensive (US$75-100/month) and fairly reliable. It goes out maybe once a month, for 4-6 hours? - Dec 2013

Yes. Can get cable/internet/phone bundle for around $100 per month from FLOW. - Aug 2011

Yes. And the internet is excellent except when it rains really hard and the power goes out. - Sep 2010

Yes. - Jul 2010

Yes, available and same price as in America. - May 2010

Yes, our DSL internet connection is very reliable. Cost is about $40/month. We have a combined phone/internet/cable package that runs about $100/month, including free calls to the US/UK/Canada (FLOW). - Nov 2009

They do have high speed internet now, you can get your cable and internet through FLOW - Jan 2009

Yes and cheap. - Jan 2009

About US$ 50.00 a month, not much. - May 2008

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