Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

No. Gay marriage is illegal in Jamaica. - May 2022

Hmmm the attitudes in Jamaica are still quite 1950s so you can be here, but be aware open displays of affection to same sex partner are probably not welcomed by the local populace. There are LGBT organisations campaigning and raising awareness, if you can cope with not being in peoples faces you will be fine, it is nobody's business what you do or don't do, same for couples, and singles. Just be aware of the culture and mainstream viewpoints before venturing out. - May 2022

Not really. There is an LGBTQ movement and scene, but homophobia seems very mainstream. Prominent gay authors, such as Marlon James and Nicole Denis-Benn, among others, have written extensively on this topic. - Jun 2018

Jamaica is very homophobic. - Mar 2017

No. Extremely homophobic but the Embassy is putting a lot of stress on full citizenship for all and so at least now there is a dialogue. - Apr 2016

Jamaica is very conservative on this issue. Openly gay or lesbian couples or individuals are not really welcomed. - Dec 2014

No. - Mar 2014

NO. Jamaica is probably the single most homophobic country in the western hemisphere, and you can feel that and see that, even in the staff at the Embassy. It would be a very, very uncomfortable tour, likely including some fear for your personal safety unless you stayed scrupulously in the closet. I would NOT recommend coming here if you are LGBT. - Dec 2013

No. There is a lot of anti-gay stigma in Jamaica. Although this is being discussed a lot in the press, and there are some active gay rights groups, I think it would be very difficult and possibly hazardous to be openly gay here. - Aug 2011

Jamaica is a homophobic environment. - Sep 2010

Jamaicans are very much against gays. I mean VERY much against gays. It is a very very bad idea to come to Jamaica if you happen to be gay or lesbian, and it and could be dangerous or harmful to yourself. - Jul 2010

Gays seem to have no issues here, - May 2010

No. - Nov 2009

No, they are very much against anything of the sort! - Jan 2009

Not bad. - Jan 2009

NOPE. Extreme caution here, as many of my DC gay pals vowing to never come visit this country. An underground scene may exist, I guess. - May 2008

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