Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Probably - May 2022

Well, it was a choice of no choice for job satisfaction reasons, schooling reasons, and post bidding equity. I hoped for Australia or Africa, but we got this, our top choice. - May 2022

Yes. Probably. I like being so close to the US and I've loved the opportunity to go to the beach so frequently. It is an easy post to save money if you can resist the expensive resorts. - Jan 2020

Our family is split on this question. - Aug 2018

Yes, this is a special island. - Jun 2018

Yes, this has been a great post for us. - Mar 2017

Absolutely. Love it here. - Apr 2016

Absolutely! Jamaican is an amazing place to live and work. Great people, great weather, great beaches, tons of outdoor activities! - Dec 2014

Yes, we've had a great experience. Our young kids had fun, made good friends and so did we. - Oct 2014

Yes. - Mar 2014

Yes, we would. We'd just like to have our eyes a little more open. - Dec 2013

Definitely. - Aug 2011

In a heartbeat. - Sep 2010

I would live here! I love it to death and love the local people. - Jul 2010

No, because I did not like having no freedom. I did not like not being able to go for a walk at anytime, and I hated being trapped in the compound all weekend and summer. - May 2010

Not sure. My husband is here, and in order to keep our family together we joined him. This is definitely the 3rd world. However, we have learned many life lessons and have met some wonderful, kind, generous, warm people during our stay here. - Nov 2009

If I had the choice to go somewhere else I would of picked alot of other places, but I have met some good people. - Jan 2009

No. - Jan 2009

Not sure. - May 2008

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