Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The fitness center at Powell Plaza (USG owned apartment building) is reportedly one of the best in Jamaica. - May 2022

We have access to a great gym and pool facility at one of the Embassy housing compounds, which is so important for our mental health. Otherwise, gyms are expensive. There are various martial arts gyms. I recommend the Chinese Benevolent society sports club as a great martial arts Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Kung fu, Yoga. The instructors are great with kids and adults alike. Tennis coaching is available and access to a free tennis court (though I think the surface is not great) is bookable. Also tennis clubs and swimming clubs. Kingston has a great Arts and Theatre scene too for those interested in that. - May 2022

Powell Plaza has a great gym that is open to all US diplomats. People like to work out there. There are local gyms but most people just go to Powell. - Jan 2020

Powell Plaza has a nice and decent-sized gym. It might be the best gym on the island. - Aug 2018

Yes. Varies, but generally on par with U.S., a tad cheaper if you’re lucky. There are also yoga and Pilates studios. - Jun 2018

Powell Plaza has a great gym area that is available to all embassy staff. - Mar 2017

Yes. There is a nice gym at the Embassy housing complex, Powell - Apr 2016

Powell Plaza has a gym for all U.S. Embassy folks to use. The nurses station at the U.S. Embassy also has some cardio machines for use. Haven't tried any but there seem to be plenty of gyms to join and exercise classes to take in Kingston. - Oct 2014

Yes, but they are expensive. - Mar 2014

Available, most complexes have a small gym on site. There are bigger ones available, but they're fairly expensive (US$100/month). - Dec 2013

Yes. Several gyms and yoga studios are available. Expect to pay US$600 - $1000 for an annual membership. - Aug 2011

There is a gym at the apartment building. - Sep 2010

Yes there is a Gym at the Powell Plaza, wich is where most embassy personnell live. There are also a lot of gyms in town that are not that high priced. - Jul 2010

Yes, most compounds have gyms. - May 2010

There are a few, although I have not used them. - Nov 2009

Powell Plaza has a gym, it is pretty nice. The Marine house has a small gym but that is only for certain people. You could get a membership at some out in Kingston, but I have heard they are really expensive. - Jan 2009

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