Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Go to the Appleton Estate rum tour. If you like rum in any way, shape, or form, you will love Jamaican rum - it is the best I've ever had. Appleton Estate is GOOD rum. - May 2022

Nope, there's not much. You will do most things easily within a month and the rest is long and boring or repetitive, accept it it's an island, not a metropolitan area. - May 2022

Turtle hatching, the beach, Dunn River Falls, Coffee plantations. - Jan 2020

Getting out of Kingston is key. Those that appear happiest at Post tend to be those take to island's variety of offerings, most outside of the capital. Negril, Ocho Rios, Treasure Beach, Portland, and some parts of Montego Bay. - Aug 2018

You can go to resorts, if that is your thing. They tend to be pricey. There are also many small villas available for rent. Prices range from affordable to astronomical. There are cultural events in Kingston such as concerts, lectures at UWI, exhibits, etc. The local art and music scene is vibrant for a city this size. The best way to find out about goings on is probably social media (FB, Twitter). Not a hidden gem, but a too-often overlooked one is the Calabash literary festival at Treasure Beach every other year. - Jun 2018

Hiking in Holywell, Reach Falls, Portland Parish, Frenchman's Cove, Irie Blue Hole, resorts in Ocho Rios, Bamboo Beach, Fort Charles, Golfing in Montego Bay, tons of options. There are lots of resorts to get away for the weekends but can be very expensive. Go during low season and ask for the local rate and sometimes you can get reasonable prices. - Mar 2017

No. There is nothing to do but go to resorts and beaches. Resorts are VERY VERY expensive. - Apr 2016

Port Antonio. This part of the island is not frequented by tourists and has a more laid back and local feel to it. Frenchman's Cove and San San Beach are only a 2 - 2.5 hour drive from Kingston, perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway. Climbing the Blue Mountain is also an amazing experience. - Dec 2014

Boardwalk beach at Ft. Clarence...only 30 minutes from Kingston and has umbrellas and chairs to use. Seafood for sale. Take a day trip to Lime Cay by boat and hang out on the island, bring all of your food and drink. - Oct 2014

Frenchmen's cove beach, blue lagoon, scuba diving, Appleton rum tour. - Mar 2014

The majority of the social life here is centered around pool parties and 'hanging out'. We've enjoyed driving out for picnics, playing in the river at the Castleton Botanical Gardens, and lots of day trips on the weekends. There is very little to do in the immediate Kingston area. - Dec 2013

Get out on the weekends and enjoy the beaches and countryside. Go hiking. Scuba and snorkeling. Bird watching. - Aug 2011

Dunns River, Beaches, Shimmering Waters, Blue Lagoon, Monkey Island, Jerk Festival, Kite Festival, Go Karting, Suncoast (it has the black sand beach, paintgunning, hiking, and rope challenge), Lover's Leap, etc. - Sep 2010

Nightlife, beaches, hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, diving, etc. - Jul 2010

Get out of Kingston! There are many things to do elsewhere. There are the blue mountains nearby, and there are many tourist towns that are so much safer than Kingston. Go to Negril or Montego Bay. There are also nice beaches there. There are many tourist things in Jamaica, such as Dolphin swimming, zip lining, and beaching. - May 2010

The beaches are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Hiking is fun, as is visiting friends. Gardening is very popular. Symphony, dance and occasional music concerts are available. Some children's activities available include excellent gymnastic instruction, violin/Suzuki instructors, youth symphony, large Halloween/Christmas parties, foreign language classes, swimming instruction, storytime/bookclub for children, soccer programs, art programs. It absolutely takes lots of time to find all of these activities, but they are available. Yoga classes adults/children. Lots of restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines. - Nov 2009

Kingston doesn't have a lot to offer. Bars, nightclubs some good resturants. If you want to find something to do, leave Kingston and drive to the country or Montego Bay. - Jan 2009

Not much, there are a few safe malls, a good movie theater with the same movies that are shown in the States, there are some nice beaches outside the city. Montego Bay is a nice town to visit. - Jan 2009

Yes lots -- hiking, running, cycling, touring the Island, great beaches & water sports. Cricket, plays food fairs and even gardening. I am never bored, as I belong to a great book club and wine club. It's a very social place. - May 2008

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