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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

It will likely depend on the extent of the need. AISK seeks to help and has been more responsive than other schools. - May 2022

They can accommodate special needs and many students in the mainstream classes are either diagnosed or undiagnosed but have special needs. The school provides some support but if you have severe needs maybe try a different post. We have ADHD and Dyslexia, the special education teacher supported and accommodations were given. Not all teachers especially the Jamaican-educated teachers really make or use the accommodations of the students, attitudes of the specialist language or other subject teachers varies. Some good in touch international teachers, some good local teachers, but some bad ones. Overall the teaching experience is high quality but expect at least one or two subjects to experience misunderstandings and a definite need to advocate orr sped. - May 2022

AISK is fairly responsive to things like ADHD, etc., but you will need to advocate and remind them. - Jan 2020

Hillel has resource teachers that work both with gifted and talented students and with students with academic special needs. There are speech therapists available, but it would be a referral, not in school. We have not been able to find an occupational therapist here. - Dec 2013

None. I had major problems going to school here. I do not have specific special needs, but when I had trouble with something, they did not offer any help at all. It is like they do not even care. - May 2010

There are speech therapists at many of the schools and in the community. There are a few special-ed local schools, but the availability of services is extremely limited compared to what is available in the States. - Nov 2009

They do not make any accommodations. I have special needs and they did nothing to help me. - Jan 2009

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