Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Mosquitoes are rampant. You will want to use bug spray, as dengue is in Jamaica. You will see rats in the area, but they are not rampant. You will often find lizards and cockroaches in your home. - May 2022

Yes, ants, cockroaches, lizards, and termites. The most frustrating was termites: I watched their procession into the house and could do nothing to stop them. It took a week to get the landlord to even inspect the problem. There is not enough regular treatment for prevention of termites in this country. There is some spraying for mosquitoes which helps but bring insect repellent and insect zappers. For ants, I order Raid in the mail or similar bait to keep the invasions under control. - May 2022

Mosquitoes are terrible during the rainy season. We have not had issues with any other insects or rodents in the house. The only thing people complain about are the mosquitoes. Off and other insect repellents are expensive here so I'm glad we brought some with us. - Jan 2020

It is the tropics. Lots of bugs, with the most dangerous being the mosquito as it carries Zika Virus, Chikungunya, etc. We did have a wood termite infestation in our house, as did another family in our compound. Otherwise, expect ants, etc. - Jun 2018

There is zika virus and Chick V, many colleagues were extremely sick, you have to take precautions - Apr 2016

Mosquitoes are the most common pest. They can carry dengue, Chick-V. I was unaware of any Malaria on the island and no one I knew was taking prophylaxis meds for it. There are also cockroaches and small lizards that can get into your home. The lizards eat do eat mosquitoes and other insects so if you can tolerate their presence they do provide a natural pest control service. - Dec 2014

There are mosquitos here. We're able to keep them out of our house and use spray when going outside at night. Little ants come in on the ground floor if any little crumb is around. And we've seen the occasional cockroach but nothing treatment didn't stop. - Oct 2014

Mosquitoes during the rainy season. You have to watch out for dengue fever. - Mar 2014

Everyone has ants -- the wee little ones. People complain about the mosquitoes, but they're nothing compared to what I'm used to in the Midwest. Of course, the ones at home don't carry Dengue, either. But not bad. - Dec 2013

Ants, mosquitoes, but not too bad. - Aug 2011

Sugar ants are a bit of a nuisance. - Sep 2010

Not too many insect problems at all. - Jul 2010

There is not really a problem, but as in all tropical locations there are a lot of mosquitoes and ants. - May 2010

Lots of insects, very buggy. Use appropriate repellent and you will be fine. - Nov 2009

There are alot of mosquitos. Also the mosquitos here carry dunga fever. I personally have known several people who have gotten it from a mosquito bite. - Jan 2009


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