Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot and humid. Then in the summer, hotter. It will rarely get into triple digits, but it will rarely go below the 70s. Daytime highs in the winter seem to be low 80s; in the summer, high 80s. Did I say that it was humid? - May 2022

Hot humid sweaty all year, occasionally its cool. Not often enough. Use the swimming pool visit the resorts. - May 2022

The weather is perfect. Absolutely perfect. - Jan 2020

Jamaica has a nice climate. The temperature varies from 75 to 90 degrees. Kingston can get a bit muggy and windless, especially in the summer. Winter is blissful, island wide. - Aug 2018

Tropical: it is warm, hot, and very hot. In Kingston, 80 is cool weather. There are several rainy seasons and during that time, rains can be frequent and heavy, but usually the sun is out at some point in the day. If you need relief from the heat, though, the mountains are just an hour away and there, you might even need a sweater. - Jun 2018

You can't really get a better climate than Jamaica. It's basically between 70-85 all the time, all year round. There is rain but typically doesn't last very long and then the sun is shining again. - Mar 2017

Rains are brief, almost always sunny and beautiful - Apr 2016

The weather is fairly constant. Temperatures range from 80 - 90 F or so during the day and in the winter months the evening/night temperature can fall to around 70. During the peak of the summer July/August, the temperature can get close to 100. There is a rainy/hurricane season from November - June, which varies in intensity from year to year. - Dec 2014

It's about 85F degrees and sunny almost every day. Rainy season is from June to November but hasn't been so bad for the three years we've been here. Sometimes it rains hard for a couple of hours and the power goes out. But soon enough the sun is back out. - Oct 2014

Always warm. During hurricane season, it rains almost every day but for only 1-2 hours. - Mar 2014

85F and sunny. Rains during the hurricane season, mostly in the afternoon, usually for a couple of hours. - Dec 2013

Beautiful from November - March. Rainy in April - May. Hot and humid the rest of the year, but not unbearably so. - Aug 2011

Rainy in the summer, dry in the winter, always warm. - Jul 2010

Tropical and warm all year. - May 2010

The weather is absolutely beautiful. During the summer months it can become hot and humid, much like Miami, however the breezes from the sea tend to offset the high temps. Sept/Oct through May is spectacular: warm days, sun shining and blue skies. Hurricane season lasts Jun-Nov, but daily afternoon rain showers tend to occur during Sept/Oct/Nov. - Nov 2009

The climate is very nice. It is always warm here, summer is really hot! Rainy season is about 2x a year and it can be pretty bad, especially with the Hurricane Season! - Jan 2009

Hot and humid all year round, same temperature as Miami. I was glad to leave the cold behind. - Jan 2009

Rainy and dry seasons. - May 2008

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