Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

No. "Handicrafts" are made in China. Knick-knacks and souvenirs - made in China. - May 2022

Nope. There are handicrafts for expensive prices or tourist, people can be quite aggressive or passive, depending. This is a island with great performing arts and sports and energy you just got to find a way into it. - May 2022

No. No. No. People complain all the time about the lack of handicrafts, artwork, etc. At Christmas, the only items you will find are cheap things made in China. - Jan 2020

No, a lot of handcrafts are actually made overseas, despite the seller telling you he/she carved it, or made it just that morning. You'll see the same carving or painting two minutes down the road. Buy clothes and shoes before you come to the post. There is, however, good rum and coffee (expensive). - Aug 2018

I would not say this is a "shopping post," but local fine artists are accessible and have their works for sale. If you want tourist knick-knacks and Bob Marley memorabilia, there’s plenty of that too. I wouldn't say any of it is cheap. - Jun 2018

Massages at nice resorts. - Apr 2016

Coffee and rum. - Mar 2014

Not a lot of handicrafts here -- some wood carving, and some interesting painters, but that's about it. - Dec 2013

Great hotels at beautiful beaches. - Aug 2011

Wicker furniture and some of the foods. - Sep 2010

Many tourism-type items. - Jul 2010

None. - May 2010

Local arts and crafts, like baskets and woodwork. - Nov 2009

Local artists have nice paintings. Local crafts. - Jan 2009

Art, wine and pottery. Good meat dinner at nice restaurant. - May 2008

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