Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Jamaicans currently have a low vaccination rate for COVID. On the other hand, you will see people riding motorcycles without helmets, but wearing a mask. For any serious medical care, you are likely going to want to go to the U.S. - May 2022

Quality of medical care is adequate if you are in good health. If you need anything, you may need to medevac or are encouraged to go to Miami on your own to sort your med stuff out. More timely vaccinations and blood tests could be offered. Medical supplies are slow to arrive; I am still waiting for a simple test and the supplies were order months ago and have not come. - May 2022

People seem to be fairly healthy here. I would definitely choose to go to Miami if I had any serious concerns. - Jan 2020

Zika is still a concern and pregnant women medevac off island. We have a fantastic health unit in the embassy, with amazing nurses and doctors. Hospitals can get very pricey, almost like in the US, but the quality is not up to the US standards. People are evacuated to Miami for major issues. - Aug 2018

Zika, other mosquito borne illnesses. The quality of the medical care is not great overall. There are good physicians, but hospital facilities are not great. Fortunately, for non-emergency care, you are near the U.S. A number of Jamaican elites go to the U.S. for care, so that should give you an idea of their confidence in the local facilities. For those embassy folks, there is an in-house doctor who is good. Based on personal experience, I would not recommend getting major dental work or other serious procedures done in Jamaica. - Jun 2018

The embassy health unit just recently got a full time doctor (local hire) which has been great. Medical care is an issue. Facilities and equipment are not at US standards and wait times for services and appointments can be very, very long. The labs and hospitals look scary. Ambulance and emergency care is severely lacking. However, I have always been satisfied in the providers. Florida is a short flight for any issue that require a medical evacuation. - Mar 2017

Medical care is really really poor here. Lack of facilities, lack of water in the existing facilities, no soap, unnecessary procedures, botched surgeries, etc. Awful. However, Embassy just hired an MD. - Apr 2016

You need to be careful with mosquitos. Friends have gotten dengue and Chik-v most recently. Facilities and staff for routine doctor's and dentist appointments are fine. For something more than that, fly to Miami. - Oct 2014

Watching out for mosquitoes so you don't catch dengue fever. Anything serious will get you medically evacuated to Miami. - Mar 2014

Medical care for basic stuff -- infections, fevers, sprained ankles, etc. -- is good and cheap. Doctor's visits run US$20-30. Prescriptions can get expensive and doctors tend to over-prescribe (5 different medications for a sinus infection is common). Bring cold medicine, especially for kids, with from the States. - Dec 2013

Good medical care is available. - Aug 2011

I haven't tried out any of the doctors. - Sep 2010

Medical care is good and very cheap. - Jul 2010

No health concerns, and the medical facilities are good. But for any major issues or surgeries, you will have to go to Miami. - May 2010

Private physicians are extremely capable and competent. However, the public hospitals are horrific. The cost of health care is very low. A doctor's office visit about $20, a private hospital emergency room visit $30. Most charges are similar to what one would pay in the States. - Nov 2009

If you have major health concerns you may not want to come here. Pregnant women are sent back to the States to have babies. Health care is okay, but I would not want to stay one day in a Hospital here! - Jan 2009

No health concerns, medical care is not too bad. - Jan 2009

Good dental and medical care. We have been very pleased. Health is cheaper than in the U.S. but many specialist do not take the insurance plans we have. For major concerns, you may want to fly off the island. - May 2008


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