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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Jamaicans do not often wear shorts, unless they are actually at the beach. Embassy dress code is normally shirt and tie. Formal attire for the Marine Ball. - May 2022

Yes, formal, especially on Sundays. People take pride in their appearance and you should, too. - May 2022

Nothing out of the normal . . . formal dress is needed for the marine ball. - Jan 2020

Business or business casual. Depends on the section. - Aug 2018

Jamaicans are sharp and stylish dressers. They dress very well, almost formally for work and occasions. - Jun 2018

Business casual. Men in slacks and button-up shirts, women in business attire. - Mar 2017

Some people really do not dress well. Local staff is a bit more attentive to dress. Ties for men, dresses for women. Only the section chiefs seem to wear suits. - Apr 2016

Shirt and tie for work, shorts and t-shirt for public. - Mar 2014

Fairly casual. Work is dresses and cardigans over suits most of the time. For women, the more upper-class Jamaicans tend to be more covered up and chose capris or pants over shorts -- not that you have to do likewise, but it's something to be aware of as you pack. Also, bring your wardrobe or plan to order it online. There are very few clothes shopping opportunities on the island. - Dec 2013

Business or business casual. - Aug 2011

Just like the states. - Sep 2010

Casual in public. At work it is polo shirt and slacks. - Jul 2010

Casual. - May 2010

Usual dress attire: suits for men, dresses/skirts and blouse or pantsuits for women. Normal casual wear, summer-type clothing when not at work. All children wear school uniforms. - Nov 2009

For work it is normal work clothes like in any office. Out in Kingston you could wear anything! - Jan 2009

Anything goes. - Jan 2009

The Jamaicans are conservative in many work place environments. Stockings can be seen on women with Jacketslong pants etc. short sleeves shirt for men appear okay, but open toes sandals may be a no no. - May 2008

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