Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Depends on the CLO within the Embassy, as, in my opinion, it can be the key to success or failure. Groups and clubs: there is a Hash House Harriers kennel. Did I mention it is hot and humid? And Jamaica is mountainous. So you would be running in heat and humidity and hills (HHH on hhh). - May 2022

In-house events, pay high price to go to a resort or private beach. I go to no bars, few restaurants, no shopping to speak of. I live like a hermit and it's okay but life is isolating here you have to make the effort to get out a bit and probably need regular access to a car for that reason. - May 2022

People here tend to plan their own entertainment . . . BBQs, Trivia Nights, Halloween Parties, etc. I would say someone has an event at least once a month. People will also plan pool playdates, etc. - Jan 2020

Depends a lot on your taste. Jamaica has a lively theatre, art, and musical tradition, but it’s often not very well-publicized. Easiest way to find out about things is to read the local paper and/or get on social media (Facebook, there is such a thing as Jamaican twitter) and follow folks in the know. Some interest groups such as Natural History Society of Jamaica and the Georgian Society of Jamaica are good opportunities explore lesser known spots and meet locals with similar interests. As far as parties, if you are into dancehall, you are in luck; there are parties all the time and literally at all hours of the day. - Jun 2018

Lots of play dates, pool parties, birthday parties, for the kids. Organized beach trips, hikes, runs. - Mar 2017

Drinks with friends, lots of Embassy parties. CLO trips and basically everything CLO organizes is good. She is really good and helping spouses get jobs and organizing parties. - Apr 2016

There are a couple of movie theaters that get decent and recent movies. Plenty of restaurants to try-especially Marketplace where you can sit in a courtyard and order from any of the five or six restaurants. Lots of 5K races take place here in Kingston. - Oct 2014

There are several night clubs here. - Mar 2014

Lots of hanging out at the pool, especially for families. Movie nights, house parties, etc. - Dec 2013

Restaurants, bars, resorts out of town. - Aug 2011

Tons of parties. Lots of mixers - Sep 2010

Amazing nightlife, and there are two movie theaters in Kingston. - Jul 2010

Not much in Kingston. There is one safe mall in the Sovereign center, and it has a movie theater, food court, grocery stores and 2 floors of shopping. Other than that, there is hanging at your compound, swimming, partying, dinners and you neighbors, and hanging at home. - May 2010

The social life here in Jamaica starts really late and stays up through the night. They like to party. There are small groups of families that get together to do family things. - Jan 2009

Nothing to do, most expats hang in their homes, go swimming in their pool and hang out with other expats. - Jan 2009

Yes, we have several social events to attend yearly. - May 2008


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