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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

EFM job opportunities are limited. While AISK is the main school for Embassy children, and the Embassy provides additional funding to the school, I have heard that AISK is not keen to hire EFMs for teaching positions. It's my understanding there was one EFM who was hired and given a job, but that the job was later taken away to be given to a non-EFM. - May 2022

There are jobs, but in my opinion, the hiring process is not good and the pay is low. I think one should be very careful when applying for Embassy jobs. Fill out the application with the exact wording, and make clear how your qualifications match the job requirements. I have heard of many over-qualified people being hired as temporary or not hired because they "did not meet the requirements". If you can get an EPAP job here, yay, you survived the application process. I would not expect to get a teaching job at the American School. I have heard of many qualified teachers who were overlooked. The island microcosm seems well in order here and jobs for the boys/girls/friends/nephews/nieces, etc. If you are very lucky, you may get a substitute teaching position for little monetary reward. If you can get work at the school it is great, they really are very nice once you are in, especially if you volunteer. - May 2022

This is a source of sorrow . . . EFM jobs are in short supply. There is nothing on the local market. Even certified teachers struggle to get hired by the American school. - Jan 2020

There are number of positions that are available to EFMs. Things are looking up with the hiring freeze lifted. - Aug 2018

Many expat spouses/partners do not work. Jobs depend on who you know, so the longer people stay, the more likely they are to find a place in the local economy. I mostly know spouses that have continued to do work that they did previously, are telecommuting, or are engaged in an artistic/entrepreneurial profession. - Jun 2018

There are number of EFMs working at the embassy. Most EFM positions are secretarial or administrative in nature. There are a few EFMs currently to telework. Work in the local economy does not provide a good salary. - Mar 2017

No. - Apr 2016

Few and far between. Jamaicans are eager to leave the island in search of job opportunities. For expats with specialized skills (accounting, legal, tax services, possibly tourism management) there may be better opportunities. Many people try to work remotely with a US or other foreign companies from home since the communications infrastructure is very good. - Dec 2014

No idea. - Dec 2013

Some -- mostly teaching. - Aug 2011

No the unemployment rate in Jamacia is 50%. - Jul 2010

Not really. - May 2010

No. There are not enough jobs for the locals, and it is very difficult to get a visa which allows you to work. However, there are abundant volunteer opportunities. - Nov 2009

In the local community, No! The Embassy does have jobs for EFMS - Jan 2009

No. - Jan 2009

Nope. Work for yourself, but jobs are scare and even volunteering is like pulling teeth. - May 2008


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