Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

There are a number of expats in Kingston: Americans, Brits, Canadians, and others. Many do socialize. U.S. Embassy families seem divided by location between an apartment building, and in compounds spread out over Kingston. This makes it VERY challenging for Embassy teens to socialize. Embassy families with teens want to think long and hard before seeking to come to Kingston. - May 2022

It is small, there is not a lot to do, there is an active group, you can get out and have a nice time, just accept you will sweat and sweat and sweat some more. You can go out to eat, you can go out to bars, you can go to the beach. - May 2022

Morale is mixed. I've never been at a post where the highs and lows were so apparent. One day you are at the beach in Ocho Rios and you truly can't believe your luck, and the next day you are at the grocery store contemplating whether or not to spend $20 on a pint of blueberries. People travel back to the US frequently. Morale is average . . . but many people have told me that this has been their most difficult posting. There is just nothing to do in Kingston. - Jan 2020

Morale is good here. - Aug 2018

Fairly large expat community. The US Embassy is medium-sized. Morale seems to be mixed. For some it’s a dream, for others the tropics is just not their thing. In the wider expat community, morale also seems to be mixed. Some expats moved here because they are nuts about Jamaica and they are very happy! Others are here for work/spouse. Wide spectrum of feelings, but most like it or at least don’t seem to loathe it. - Jun 2018

Medium-size population. I think morale is good! With expectations in the right place people are happy here. - Mar 2017

Medium Embassy. Morale was very poor but seems to have improved after some junior officers worked very hard to get our differential looked out. We are now a 20% differential post. It makes a huge difference both for money and for morale. We can now bid first on our next posts. - Apr 2016

The expat community in Jamaica is large and morale is generally high. - Dec 2014

Good size. Big enough so you can branch out but small enough that you run into people when outside of Kingston. Morale is fine. Most expats are happy here but ready to go after 2-3 years. - Oct 2014

Big and decent. - Mar 2014

There are a lot of expats here, but the 'community' is very splintered and the American community keeps to it's self-- tends to use different schools and socialize apart from other missions/communities. That said, morale seems to be good over all. - Dec 2013

Medium. - Aug 2011

Pretty decent not sure exactly how large. - Sep 2010

200+ - Jul 2010

Large. - May 2010

It is about medium sized. - Jan 2009

Small. - Jan 2009

Not large - maybe 500 folks in Kingston. I am not sure about Montegobay. - May 2008

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