Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

You will likely want to bring an unlocked phone and buy service from Flow or Digicel. - May 2022

Pay as you go is a hassle but freedom to end your contract. The pre-pay/post-pay contracts are impossible to quit in my opinion. I understand you need to write a letter and prove that your are who you say you are. It takes hours to get set-up with a phone and hours to finish. It's an island, so things work differently here. - May 2022

We kept our T-Mobile phone from the US and bought a phone with a Jamaican plan. We pay about $40 per month for our Jamaican phone. - Jan 2020

Bring an unlocked phone. Coverage on the island is fine. It was mostly 3G when we arrived, but we get LTE now. - Aug 2018

Digicel and Lime are the main carriers. Rates are not too bad, pretty good rates to the U.S. as many Jamaicans have family there. Calls are more expensive than internet, so many people use WhatsApp. - Jun 2018

Bring an unlocked phone and use a local provider. - Mar 2017

Embassy phone and a few local providers - Apr 2016

I pay as I go each month with a cheap, basic cell phone from Digicel. Others use their iphones. - Oct 2014

There are two cell phone companies here. The service is a little more than what you would pay in the States. - Mar 2014

You've got a choice between digicel and LIME and just about everyone uses Digicel. Bring your own phone, they're expensive and technologically behind here -- Blackberry is still the 'cool' brand. But easy and cheap to set up. - Dec 2013

Bring an unlocked cell phone from the US as they are less expensive there. Best coverage here is with Digicel. - Aug 2011

Bring an international cell phone. - Sep 2010

BlackBerry is a must in Jamaica. - Jul 2010

Get one when you arrive, there are many places to get one. - May 2010

Cell phones are everywhere. One can purchase a basic phone for about $35 US and buy credit (minutes) at any supermarket, gas station, or store front. - Nov 2009

Everyone here has a cell phone and they are easy to come by. You can get one here very easily. You will probably pay more, just like anything else you buy here. - Jan 2009

Use a phone card which you can buy at any gas station. - Jan 2009

Yes. Digicel and Cable & Wireless. Many of the locals have two phones. Purchase a phone as soon as you arrive and always keep an extra phone card credit in your bag. - May 2008

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