Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Most buses and taxis are off-limits to USG employees. Taxi drivers are aggressive. - May 2022

You can take taxis, the high-end executive ones, and local bus transport private hire is good. Do not take public transport, as I feel bad things could happen, but you can if you want a thrill. We drive or do not go out. - May 2022

There are four to five taxi companies that we are allowed to use. We are not allowed to flag a taxi on the street. - Jan 2020

Due to security concerns, we are not allowed to use public transportation. I believe the same goes for most colleagues: UK, EU, Canada, etc. There are couple of approved taxis we can take, but during the rush hour, it is very hard to get one. - Aug 2018

The US Embassy recommends using only a couple taxi companies. Jamaica's taxi drivers are generally pretty reckless drivers, so wear a seatbelt if they've got one. - Jun 2018

Not permitted by RSO with the exception of a handful of specific taxis that are approved. - Mar 2017

NO, not allowed by RSO - Apr 2016

Public transportation in Jamaica is a mix of buses and taxis. They are affordable, but not recommended because they can be very unsafe due to the style of driving among Jamaican chauffeurs. There are no trains. Fortunately, Jamaica is a relatively small island and the drive from Kingston to Negril is 4 hours, to Montego Bay 3 - 3.5 hours, Ocho Rios 2.5 - 3 hours, Port Antonio, 2. - 2.5 hours, so things are not far. - Dec 2014

There aren't any trains. There are buses but expats tend to have cars so don't use them. RSO has a list of approved taxis to use. - Oct 2014

Using them is not advised. - Mar 2014

No trains. There are buses and they're cheapish, but you can't take them. Taxis exist, and you can use approved companies. They're reasonable. - Dec 2013

Taxis are fine and affordable. Haven't ridden public buses, but some people do. - Aug 2011

Public transportation is very dangerous. - Jul 2010

Trains and buses are not safe, so do not even think about using one. Taxis are safe, but make sure they have a license and are not just pretending to be a driver for money. I have heard of that happening. - May 2010

No trains. Local buses are not pleasant or safe, but they are affordable. Local taxis are not something I would want to ride in unless absolutely necessary. - Nov 2009

I am sure they are, but we have been told not to take public transportation due to high crime - Jan 2009

No trains here. Buses are not safe. Taxis are safe but expensive. - Jan 2009

No train system exists here and I have heard of a shabby bus system. Mainly Peace Corp people use the buses but they appear fine. Taxis are best, or hiring a lone driver. Utilize a taxi service like Express taxi, do not just flag cars down on the roads, as this is not safe at all. - May 2008

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