Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

We use credit cards widely. We only use the ATM at the Embassy. We have not had problems with fraud or cloning. - May 2022

We use our credit card for almost everything and haven't had a problem yet... we use the same gas station and only at the high-end shops. - May 2022

We only use the ATM at the Embassy. We will use our credit card at a few stores/restaurants. I have not heard of problems. - Jan 2020

Cards are accepted almost everywhere, but make sure that they run your credit card in front of you (especially at gas stations), and check your credit cards statements regularly. - Aug 2018

Widely used in established businesses. ATMs are available, but I would be careful about where I use one due to card skimming. - Jun 2018

Yes, credit cards are used widely. Try to stick to the bank or ATM inside the embassy. Outside ATMs are fine--just be aware of your surroundings. - Mar 2017

I use credit cards all the time - Apr 2016

Be careful. I did use my ATM card often, but only at Scotia Bank, fortunately, no problems. I only used my credit card at larger grocery stores, again, fortunately no issues. Many people did have their cards skimmed . I would not recommend using a card at any place where they cannot swipe it right in front of you. - Dec 2014

I use a credit card for groceries and scan my bill monthly to make sure it's legit as others have had their numbers skimmed. Only ATM I would use is at the Embassy. Typically, I would just cash checks at the Embassy. - Oct 2014

Don't use credit cards/debit cards unless you know and trust the business. Credit card scammers are everywhere! - Mar 2014

You can, but credit card cloning/skimming is a thing that happens, even in the nice expat grocery stores. ATMs are reasonable, but most won't handle Mastercard, only Visa. - Dec 2013

There are ATMs throughout the city and credit cards are widely accepted. - Aug 2011

I've had no problems but I'd still be careful. - Sep 2010

The embassy has an ATM inside. The ones in town are not recommended, especially in the night time. - Jul 2010

There are not to many ATM machines, and when you find one, expect to pay a fee. So you should take a bunch of money out. However, do not carry it around. Keep most of it at home. - May 2010

You can use them with ease at almost all establishments. HOWEVER, NEVER LET THE CARD OUT OF YOUR SIGHT, EVER!. We have twice (with two different cards) had our cards used illegally after purchasing gas at an unfamiliar gas station. The banks refunded our money (more than $1000), but it was a real problem to have to address this. - Nov 2009

Most places here will use credit cards. You may get hassle but you can use them. There are ATMs around the city, but it is best to use the one at the Embassy or go in the daytime. - Jan 2009

There are ATMs in the malls and most places accept credit and debit cards. - Jan 2009

No problem, they are all around town. Just make certain you tell them take out in JA dollars when using Debit cards, as they will punch in $2,000. and its 2,000 JA and they pull outUS $2,000. This has happened to us a few times, thank goodness the banks call in a few hours later - it took forever to sort out. - May 2008

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