Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

More so than in the U.S., but no worse than in many Latin America/Caribbean countries. - May 2022

Yes and no, basically we go nowhere so the housing and so on is fine. The shops that you go to are fine, and there are some medical services but yeah think carefully how much you want to go out. Sidewalks are terrible we don't walk anywhere for security, and driving is dangerous, the roads and the drivers are bad in my opinion. - May 2022

Yes and No. Jamaica is definitely not a handicapped accessible city, but expats don't tend to go anywhere so . . . . it is not like anyone walks the city streets. - Jan 2020

Yes! It could be a very tough post for people with physical disabilities. - Aug 2018

Yes. There is very little accommodation for physical disability. - Jun 2018

Yes. No sidewalks, ramps are not typical. - Mar 2017

Yes, very hard to get around. - Apr 2016

Newer buildings (of course the major resorts and hotels) seem to have accounted for people with physical disabilities. However, in general, the infrastructure in Jamaica does not make it easy. - Dec 2014

Yes. There aren't too many accommodations for those with disabilities. - Oct 2014

Yes. The sidewalks are worse than the roads. - Mar 2014

I don't see a lot of ramps or accessibility around town, but I think you could probably make a reasonable go of it. - Dec 2013

Not a lot of disability-friendly facilities here. - Aug 2011

Not much at all. - Jul 2010

Many. No ramps, no elevators, missing sidewalks, etc. - May 2010

Lots of difficulty. There are no special accommodations, other than a school for the blind that teaches residents how to weave chairs. And a program that teaches deaf students how to do batik art design. - Nov 2009

They will see alot of difficulties. There are no ramps, not many elevators and not much acomadation for them. - Jan 2009

Major, there are not elaveters or ramps. Do not come if you are in a wheelchair. - Jan 2009

Huge difficulties would exist, as special services are minimal to non- exsistent. Rarely can one find a clean public bathroom with toilet paper, so be warned. Using the bush on trips is now common for me, sad but true, and I always have a knapsack with wet wipes/ tissue handy. - May 2008

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