Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Loaded question. - May 2022

Er yes, it's Jamaica, it's an island, they are getting there slowly, it is a process. - May 2022

There seems to be a lot of racial segregation in Jamaica, and, to me, a lot of parsing of shades of color. The small population of white Jamaicans seem to be wealthier. Sexism appears to be rampant. - Jun 2018

Violence against women has been in the forefront of the media in the past several months. Women have little value but more awareness is being brought to that issue. - Mar 2017

Jamaicans seem overly preoccupied with skin color, many lighten their skin. Generally the lighter you are the closer you are to European ancestry and more money you have. It is sad. However, no overt racism that I have witnessed. Lots of sexism. Little value for women. - Apr 2016

One love? This is a real concept in Jamaica. Jamaican men and women can sometimes be overly flirtatious and their attitudes toward gender roles tend to be more traditional. Most people are religious (Christian) and attend church every week. I am unaware of any real prejudice toward other religions or races. Jamaicans truly do share the One Love concept, which does feed into some social issues facing the island. - Dec 2014

Not that I am aware of. - Mar 2014

Not really -- Jamaicans really feel their "Out of Many, One people" motto. - Dec 2013

No. - Aug 2011

None that I am aware of. - Sep 2010

Before coming here I was told they are very racist against white people, but that is false. I find much more racism in the U.S. Most all people here are very friendly and accepting. - Jul 2010

There are none of these issues. - May 2010

There are mostly class differences here, rather than racial problems. The country has a very diverse ethnic population (African, Middle East, Indian and Chinese) that all see themselves as Jamaican. Very strong sense of nationalism here. However the vast majority of people are extremely poor, and the income disparity is horrific. - Nov 2009

Yes, people with light colored skin may see some prejudice. - Jan 2009

No. - Jan 2009

Not really, but some racial class distinction exist among the locals. It is a rather complex situation, with many expats often missing the hidden essence. A topic not spoken to outsiders about, as its a country based on tourism and survival. Food and shelter first. - May 2008

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