Kingston - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

There is not much to do in Kingston. - May 2022

This place strains the family, you are going to see too much of each other. With no places easily to go for a walk, eat or shop, everything is an effort. Housing is nice and large and needs to be for that reason. Sure if you re single you can have a blast, be careful as a woman that you don't give mixed messages or get into untenable or scary situations. And guys too, be careful out there. - May 2022

It all depends on who else is at post . . . friendships are definitely important here. - Jan 2020

It is good for couples and families, if you are willing to get out of Kingston on the weekends. - Aug 2018

Yes, it can be a good city for anyone. Rather than family status, it seems that whether you like it seems to depend on whether you find either the tropical lifestyle or Jamaican culture (or both) endearing or interesting. If you love warm weather, beaches and the laid back vibes of the tropics, you will probably find a lot to like in Jamaica. Same goes if have an interest in reggae, dancehall, Rastafari, or global black history. - Jun 2018

Good for everybody! - Mar 2017

Yes, good for all - Apr 2016

Kingston can be a good city for families, singles, and couples. For families, there is a good size expat community, children have amazing options for after-school activities, sports, etc. There are often movie nights, birthday parties, and other kid-themed events to attend. For singles and couples, there are some good restaurants, bars and clubs in Kingston. Beach parties are also prevalent. Jamaicans are usually up for meeting foreigners and showing them a good time. Most people I know who enjoy going out have no shortage of opportunities for finding things to do. - Dec 2014

Definitely a good city for families. Kids, especially young, are kept happy with playdates, birthday parties, swimming, after-school activities, visits to the beach and other nearby tourist attractions. A bunch of singles live in Powell Plaza and seem to have a good group to hang out with. - Oct 2014

Yes for all. - Mar 2014

This is a good city for people who can make their own fun, regardless of whether you've got children, a spouse, etc. - Dec 2013

This would be an OK city for anyone. There really isn't much to do in the city, but there are some restaurants, nothing very fancy. Great jerk shops. There are several gyms downtown, and yoga studios. There are a couple of parks. Active cycling and running groups. Not much as far as museums and other cultural activities. Lots of bars/dance clubs that get started late in the evening. - Aug 2011

It's a wonderful place for all of the above. - Sep 2010

It's great for singles. The nightlife never stops! There is always something to do. It is also good for couples who want to get out and explore the beautiful parts of the country. I wouldn't really recommend it for families with young children - Jul 2010

No/no/no, as it is not safe and there is very little to do, especially for families with kids. - May 2010

It is okay for families. The community is very close-knit and whole family socialize together, which is wonderful. However, because of the crime/trash, most people cannot just meet at the local park or activity center. - Nov 2009

It will be whatever you make it. I don't think it is the best for families. There is high crime and not a lot for your children to do. - Jan 2009

No/No/No It is not good for anyone. - Jan 2009

Good city for couples or single men. Not so kiddy friendly or wheelchair friendly. Many complain about lack of creative things for children to participate in. Single women have to be extremely cautious about who they date or go out with, which makes it difficult, plus the sincerity level of dating. Be careful is what I say to all, as many can be seen as a ticket off the island. - May 2008

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