Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

No, unless you want to pay through the nose. You can stream most of the time but will buffer and be of poor quality video. Don't forget your VPN! - May 2018 will pay through the nose but internet is fine though for streaming, web surfing etc. - Sep 2017

It's expensive and not very high speed. They are working on a cable connection from Europe but that will take a while longer. - Sep 2014

No high-speed; 2mps (I've never seen it that fast) with no download limits costs about US$120/month--more providers are coming up with packages but I don't know them. - Jun 2014

High Speed? That's the overstatment of the century. Even though a high speed cable has been coming for years, it's still not active. 512KB is about the best you can do and it's extremely expensive. - Aug 2013

Internet is available but expensive and the high speed here is like dial up in the US. - Sep 2010

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