Asmara - Post Report Question and Answers

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I'm very happy I came here, both personally and professionally. This is a beautiful country with the most amazing people. If the hardships mentioned are not dealbreakers, come to Asmara. - Apr 2021

For anyone in the US diplomatic community, most of the real hardships of living here are offset by services provided by the Embassy. This is a beautiful place with great food and good people. I'm loving my time here so far. - Dec 2019

Eritrea is a unique place. It is a place with a wealth of potential. It can be a difficult place to serve if you are not use to entertaining yourself. The expat community for us made a big difference. When you cant leave the city without written government authorization, when there is not a lot of things to do, when there is no mobile data and internet is not readily really have to be outgoing and you really have to get to know people.

We had people over almost every weekend...sometimes it was 1-2, sometimes it was 30...on a few occasions over 100. But I tremendously miss the people I met. I would serve there again if ever given the opportunity. I look forward to going back to visit, if I can obtain an entry visa. - Dec 2016

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