Asmara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Despite common belief to the contrary, sexual assault is a huge issue, but more so for locals than expats. I don't know any expats to have been victimized here. - Apr 2021

Overall, Asmara is a safe city. I would not walk alone at night down a dark road, but I feel very safe otherwise. I leave my car unlocked at work in case my colleagues need to put something in there for me. - Dec 2019

Most people feel pretty safe in Asmara, especially in daylight hours, though common sense precautions apply. Most crimes happen at night, especially late night in poorly-lit areas. - Feb 2019

Just like anywhere, be aware. Since electricity goes out a lot, streets may be pitch black at night, so flashlights are a good thing to always have, as are tissues for public bathrooms. Some heavy drinking happens at night, and the mix with unemployment makes for some potential security risks. - Sep 2018

Expats tend to be unaffected by crime (1) because they have 24/7 guards at their residences and (2) because they don't tend to be in areas where there are heightened crime. If you hang out at the night clubs until 2-3 am, and you are walking the streets at 2-3 am, then you are inviting bad things to happen.

But Eritrea is not a very dangerous place in and of itself. - Dec 2016

Increasingly, there are beggars and/or mentally disturbed people on the streets. They see foreigners as easy prey for handouts and harassment. One must also be very wary when taking photographs, especially near governmentt buildings. Foreign diplomats have been detained for taking photos downtown. - Aug 2007

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