Asmara - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Go to art shows if you can. The art here is AMAZING. (VERY pricey, but amazing.) - Apr 2021

Good restaurants: Qategna, Roof Garden, Silver Star. Good coffee: Cinema Asmara, Bar Gianna Sites: Main Orthodox Cathedral, the Mercado, Durfo, Medeber (the metalwork/spice grinding market.) - Dec 2019

Just see the city, and other Eritrean cities, and keep an eye out for architectural flourishes. Outside cities, the landscape is austere but compelling. Many people particularly love going down to the Red Sea islands for camping, swimming and (i'm told) incredible snorkeling. - Feb 2019

Toward Massawa is a beautiful drive. You can stop a cafes along the way and have a drink. There is an old coal train for tourists that goes slowly back and forth down the mountain; nice afternoon outing. - Sep 2018

There is not a lot to do. If you are into photography, there are some opportunities to take photos of the Italian architecture around the city. You can go to Massawa and then on to the islands for long weekends. Eritrea is quite isolated, so outside of really have to create your fun. - Dec 2016

Read, watch movies on TV. Walk around the city, ride your bike. There are severe travel restrictions, so you may be stuck in Asmara. If you are lucky enough to be granted permission to travel, Keren and Massawa are interesting destinations. There used to be an active chapter of the Hash House Harriers, but it is more sporadic now, due to the departure of their long-time Hashmaster, and the limits on destinations imposed by the travel restrictions. - Aug 2007

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