Asmara - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

More relaxed than other places I've been. I wear a suit for meetings, but otherwise can get by in jeans and a polo often. (Check with your employer, of course.) In public, it's good to cover visible tattoos and wear modest clothing--no one will say anything and you won't get in trouble, but you will definitely draw attention in short shorts or if you have visible tattoos. - Apr 2021

This is a more casual atmosphere than I am used to abroad, closer to American standard. My office has been "business casual," but a new boss is bring us back to "business standard". I've never seen an event requiring formal dress. I don't think I can even imagine one. - Dec 2019

Eritrea is somewhat more relaxed than many other places I've been. Diplomatic functions normally do call for business wear. Many Eritreans are likely to go tie-less. Formal attire (e.g., tuxedos) is not seen here. - Feb 2019

On the conservative side, skirts above the knee and shorts are not really common to see. No formal dress required. - Sep 2018

Business casual Formal dress is never required. You can get by an entire two years with a couple dark suits. - Dec 2016

Casual. Shorts and short skirts are not advised. - Aug 2007

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