Asmara - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

House parties are the most common, at least with people over the age of 30. There are a few clubs I've hard people say good things about. - Apr 2021

Socializing with locals can be difficult. However, socializing within the expat community is good. There is a running club. Some people go bicycling together. Many expats like to throw parties, which are always a good time. It's a great community. - Dec 2019

House parties, diplomatic functions, hiking club, biking, tennis or swimming at the Asmara Palace gym, shared meals, game nights, movie nights, art gallery openings, classical music concerts, trips down to Masawa or the Red Sea islands (where people camp and snorkel). Locals may invite you to weddings or birth celebrations. There's a regular weekly Wednesday lunch group of expats and a smattering of Eritreans involved with the expat community at a downtown restaurant. - Feb 2019

There are official events every other week; attend and get to know people. Hiking club on Sundays, football games on the weekends. Socializing with locals is also through work; we’ve been invited several times to graduations or baptisms, which has been lovely. - Sep 2018

Most expats are quickly put into the expat scene. Most people socialize at residences or through a few bars (Zara, Macombos, etc.) Most of the Eritreans I met were "through" work on initial contact whether it be an event at the American Center or something else. There are also a number of Eritrean-Americans who live in the city. There is a group that started as a hiking group called Asmara Adventurers that serves as a social communications forum for expats. - Dec 2016

Most of the entertainment is through people getting together in homes or restaurants. The Embassy has a Happy Hour on Thursday evenings during part of the year ... it is unclear, though, if this will continue. The UN has a weekly gathering on Friday evenings, to which all expats are invited. - Aug 2007

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