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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We pay a housekeeper $100/mo for 2x a week. This is probably on the high end of payment. - Apr 2021

We employ a gardener and a cleaner, which seems pretty standard. Both fell into our laps (kept on the gardener the previous person in our house had hired; the cleaner is a friend of a friend.) I know of other people looking for work, so it shouldn't be hard. Cost is reasonable: we pay US $100 a month for people who come twice a week. - Dec 2019

Household help is available. I don't know many, other than chiefs of mission, who have full-time help. More common is a couple days per week which can be had for US$150-200/month. - Feb 2019

Available, we pay too much at US$150 /month for twice a week cleaning the house. Others pay less and have cooking, washing and shopping done. Also some have gardeners. - Sep 2018

Household help is fairly inexpensive. You can get someone to come 3-4 days per week for roughly $200 per month. That means they will clean and cook. You can get a gardener for about $100 per month. House help is almost a MUST in it is difficult to navigate the city and markets to get goods and supplies. - Dec 2016

Very available and very cheap. - Aug 2007

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