Asmara - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Less so than you'd expect, considering GDP and such, but yes, still some trouble. Many buildings are not accessible, and elevators stop working when the power goes out (which is frequent.) - Apr 2021

It's surprisingly accessible, all things considered, compared to other cities I've lived in (Guangzhou, Lome). This is likely due to the numbers of veterans from the independence war in wheelchairs. Many buildings have ramps. However, keep in mind that with electricity being hit or miss, high rises will be inaccessible during the frequent power outages. Many older buildings still have just stairs as well, so while more accessible than other parts of Africa, still not very accessible. - Dec 2019

No worse than any other developing country, and perhaps better than many, but still has challenges. There are many disabled Eritrean veterans from the wars. One routinely sees wheelchairs (motorized and not) on the streets and sidewalks. However, many older buildings are not easily handicapped accessible. Asmara is a city of almost entirely mid-20th century buildings. - Feb 2019

Yes. Even though a lot of fighters are in wheelchairs, the sidewalks are full of holes and most buildings are not accessible. - Sep 2018

Probably no more than anywhere else. I did not see anything that really screamed to me that a disabled person would have a problem. - Dec 2016

The roads and sidewalks (where they exist) are not always paved and even when paved they contain many ruts and potholes. - Aug 2007

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