Gaborone - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Same sex relations are legal and protected in Botswana's constitution. But, Botswana is still culturally a homophobic country. Foreigners do not experience overt discrimination, but their local partners do. - Dec 2023

I don't think it would be a fun town for LGBT, but I do think it is a livable. The Batswana are more tolerant than most countries in Africa. There are no Pride parades but I don't think this community is persecuted. - Apr 2017

Botswana is remarkably tolerant - especially considering the region it's in. Technically homosexuality is illegal, but Batswana are very tolerant and never prosecute. It's almost a "don't ask don't tell" society. There are a couple of prominent organizations who activate for LGBT rights. I think one could be comfortably gay here, but would have to be careful about displaying it. - Jul 2016

Not sure - you don't hear much about "that" here, which is probably an indication of how accepted GLBT persons are in Botswana. - Mar 2015

N/A - Although as an expat I think you would be insulated pretty well from any negativity associated with being gay or lesbian. I don't remember any instances of mistreatment of gay or lesbians in country, although I know in some of the more rural areas, people can be more conservative. - Nov 2013

It's fine. Homosexuality is illegal here, but there are public and vocal gay rights groups. Gay locals and expats alike do not seem to encounter any real prejudices or problems. - Jul 2013

I think it's probably okay. There is a community even though it technically illegal in Botswana. - Apr 2013

Homosexuality is considered illegal in Botswana, but I have not witnessed any attempt to sanction or punish gays here. However, what little gay scene exists is quiet and does not attract much attention to itself. I don't think it would be easy to meet a new partner here or date as a gay single. - Jun 2010

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