But don't forget your:

Sense of adventure! The only ski resort in Africa is in the Drakensberg Mountains about a 9 or 10 hour drive from Gaborone, so you could actually take your skis. - Jul 2019

Humidifiers. Get one for every bedroom. Maybe more than one. - Apr 2017

Money. Lots of it. Spend it traveling to the Delta (safari), Pans (nights under the stars), Vic Falls, South Africa. There is SO much to do in South Africa. Save up time and money. - Jul 2016

Board games, DVD player, swim gear, sunscreen. - Mar 2015

Camping gear, swimsuits, fishing poles and bbq grill (they can be quite expensive on the local economy). - Nov 2013

Patience, and lots of it; DVD box sets for something to do; willingness to work long hours. - Jul 2013

Patience and Kindle (or e-book reader) - Books are extremely expensive here. - Apr 2013

camping gear and binoculars. - Jun 2010

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