Gaborone - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Barbecues (braiis) at private homes, a lot of drinking, dinner in the handful of restaurants. The social scene is very limited. People often drive to South Africa just to get away and enjoy a better social scene. - Dec 2023

There were several people at the Embassy that threw a lot of parties. Some people did a lot of camping. - Jul 2019

Fortunately, when I lived in Gaborone, there were several families that I was friends with who like to entertain at home. Most things revolved around drinking alcohol. Around town, there wasn't a whole lot to do. There weren't many clubs or bars to hang out at or events going on around town, so entertaining at home was the main activity. - Apr 2017

In Gabs you have to "make your own fun." Dinners and parties at people's homes seem to be a large part of socializing. There are some lounges at night - they get a bit skanky after dark. - Jul 2016

Dinner with friends, movies at the theater, occasional wine and food festivals, running races. - Mar 2015

Invite people over for dinner. Small gatherings. There is really nothing else to do here. - Oct 2014

Get-togethers are common. Braais are common. There are also a number of bar/clubs and resturants. You need not be there long before you meet people who will invite you to tons of events. - Nov 2013

Most social activities center around entertaining at home with brunches, braais (bbq), dinners, etc. A new 3-D movie theater recently opened that is very nice. There are farmers markets, small musical performances, and the like now and then. It is a pretty limited town as far as the availability and frequency of entertainment events. - Jul 2013

Dinner parties, long lunches, eating out. LOTS of birthday parties for kids in school. - Apr 2013

Gaborone is a small town (about 200K people) and is relatively quiet. Most entertaining happens in the home-- pool parties, barbecues, dinners. There are at least a dozen restaurants and a few bars to visit. There are two western-style malls to shop at on the weekends (both fairly small).If you crave big-city excitement, Johannesburg is only about 4 hours away by car. - Jun 2010

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