Gaborone - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Single men seem to do fine here, but single women find it difficult. Couples often survive by traveling out of the country to have fun. Families, especially those with small children, seem to be the happiest here. Teenagers complain that there isn't enough to do, and they are right. - Dec 2023

I think it would be best for families with young kids. You would have plenty of time to spend with your family. Dating was not good for single guys and even worse for women. It's my understanding there was a high AIDS rate there. - Jul 2019

I am single, and I don't really feel this was a great post for single people. That said, I made the best of it. I never really saw any of my single colleagues dating Batswana. Even the Marines weren't intermingling with the locals. Some might say that this has to do with the very high HIV/AIDS rate among Batswana (25%). I am sure that has a lot to do with it, but I think there is also a cultural divide that I think is hard to overcome.

There is very little night life to speak of in Gaborone. This town closes up at 9:00 PM. - Apr 2017

In my opinion it is not a good place for singles - but I'm married. The HIV prevalence must be a serious consideration when dating here. Having said that, Gabs has a well educated and sophisticated (and handsome!) population, so it's not impossible. Peace Corps Volunteers marry Batswana in droves! Singles tend to hang out together - and it's a great place to travel if you don't have to pay for children. So it's not terrible. This post is best for DINKs. If you have disposable income and a partner to safari with, you'll be in heaven. - Jul 2016

It is fine for families, as long as your expectations are relatively low and you are prepared to entertain yourself. I have no idea what you would do here as a single or couple, unless you had a lot of money to spend traveling, or you frequented the three or four actual bars in town. - Mar 2015

In our view no. I don't know about singles. There are no bars, or places to go. For families without kids, I think this place will be great as they can travel if they don't mind spending the money. - Oct 2014

This is a good city for singles, families and couples in my opinion. Families have the benefit of living in a small, quiet, stable African country with an array of recreational activities for the weekends. Couples and singles can enjoy the growing retail and night life. There are a few bar/clubs that couples and singles can frequent as wells as restaurants. - Nov 2013

It's fine for everyone. The majority of activities in Gaborone are geared toward families. Everyone, particularly singles, can get bored with the lack of options of things to do. Many take trips (5+ hr. drive) to Johannesburg/Pretoria on the weekend. There are abundant safari lodges just across the border (45 min.+ away) in South Africa's Madikwe game reserve, and in northern Botswana (12+ hr. drive or a few hrs. flight) but all are very expensive. It must be mentioned that this is the country with the second-highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world, currently at 25% of the adult population infected; something to consider if dating. - Jul 2013

As a family, we loved it. Singles did not seem to enjoy it, and having lived there as a single years prior, I can see why. It is mainly a drinking scene with little diversity of activities. Couples also find it limiting. However, Johannesburg is a short drive away. - Apr 2013

Families (especially those with young children) seem most happy in Gaborone. This is a small town with a slow pace of life, but if you want to spend weekends swimming or biking with your kids, reading by the pool, gardening, or camping, this is the place for you. Some teens seem bored by the lack of social outlets. There are two small malls and two movies theaters and lots of sports opportunities, but little else in the way of teen activities. Singles are less happy here unless they are the type that truly enjoy tourism and the outdoors. If you are looking for an arts/culture scene or nightlife, this is not the best city for you. - Jun 2010

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