What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

British International School and Stockholm International School are both well regarded, BISS is in the suburbs, whereas SIS is in the city center. - May 2020

No experience, but I hear the British International Primary School is the preferred choice for primary school age, as parents tend to have problems with SIS and their curriculum. - May 2015

No personal experience but my understanding is that the quality has improved quite a bit in recent years and now there are no significant issues. A few English-language international schools to choose from. - Aug 2014

Stockholm International School - Tried it 1 year, then moved. Did not like curriculum and lack of yearly testing assuring student had met needs for the year. Next moved to British International Primary School in Stockholm (BIPSS).This is beginning our 2nd year at the school, and we are extremely pleased that we did make the move from SIS. - Oct 2008

Employees are split between a few schools, mainly the Post school, SIS; the British School (BIPSS); Sigtuna boarding school for grades 9 and up. A few families use Swedish schools. SIS is planning to move to a new, bigger facility in the next few years. SIS offers IB program for HS kids and IPC for K-8.Classes are small. Some facilities, such as school playground, are poor but teachers are generally quite good and conscientious. BIPSS runs preschool-Grade 5 and is on a British curriculum and mentality. It is a very small school with limited facilities, etc, but nice playground. Sigtuna is approximately 45 minutes from town and is quite good academically, but is lax on drinking and drugs. Teens should be ready to make mature choices. There are wait lists for all schools. - Aug 2008

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