What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Lidingo is one of the most beautiful places. It's like the Pacific Northwest but with much less rain. Running the trails here is amazing. Ferries (until the pandemic) were a fun, economical, and environmentally friendly way to see other parts of the Baltic. - May 2020

We've traveled a lot since we arrived, including trips throughout Europe. We've been able to explore Sweden, as it's easy to get around via car, and the countryside is beautiful. Think: Scandinavian Vermont.

Christmas is a really lovely experience in Sweden. There's none of the garish commercialism that you find in the US. The focus here is on bringing light to the (literal) darkness, family, and food. St. Lucia Day concerts on December 13th are a beautiful start to the Christmas festivities. - Jan 2017

Traveling through Sweden and Europe; living in a beautiful city. - May 2015

Midsummer celebrations, architecture and dynamism of this beautiful Scandinavian city. - Aug 2014

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