Stockholm - Post Report Question and Answers

What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

If you live in the city, then don't bring a car. If you live in the suburbs, you'll need a car. The risk of auto theft is low. It's Europe, so parking spaces are small and gas is expensive - don't bring a big, American gas guzzler. - Dec 2020

Volvo SUV or any reliable AWD for the winter. And you must bring or buy winter tires. Volvos are everywhere since they are Swedish, so very easy and reasonably priced to service and repair. Other European models would also be fine. The winters in Stockholm can be mild, but you'll still have some days with ice/snow. The law requires that all cars switch to winter tires in November and back to summer tires in March. AWD SUVs are great for road-tripping. Roads here are excellent. - Sep 2020

Any type of car you like. I have never seen more high end cars in my life. Teslas are everywhere, Volvos are as well. - May 2020

Parking in Stockholm is challenging, but on par with NYC or SF. Parking tickets run between $60-100 per incident. Drivers here are very courteous, and there are many newish cars on the road. I have not heard of any burglary or carjacking in or around Stockholm. - Jan 2017

None if you live in the city. Something good for the snow if you live on Lidingo (including winter tires, which are required). - May 2015

Cars aren't usually necessary given the compactness of the downtown area and the extensive public transport system. Cars are expensive, no parking at the Embassy and no covered (or provided) parking near your assigned housing. Gas is crazy expensive even after you get the tax back. Many people have cars, particularly those who live out in the suburbs, but most do without. You must also have winter tires, which many people buy in the States and ship with their HHE since they are much more expensive here. Local garages will store your unused tires for a fee (helpful, since you will probably not have space to store them on your own). - Aug 2014

Bring nothing larger than minivan or smaller sized SUV. Parking places & garages are smaller. Parking is expensive, too. Gasoline prices are shocking. Bring your own car parts (Oil and air filters, wiper blades, snow tires for the winter and regular ones for the summer -(Rules in place that you have to change them). Having dealership or garage change your oil can take several weeks to have done, then it is around US$200.00 for labor and parts to have oil change done. - Oct 2008

Any car is fine, but you will need snow or studded tires required by law from 1 Nov to 31 March. Owning a car is expensive here - you must pay for registration, yearly inspection, license plates and other car-related costs that are usually waived at other posts. Not to mention the cost of gas - currently about $9.00/galloon. You will get some of that cost back in the form of tax refund, but it is still very pricey. Oil changes at the dealer can run US$300; at the local mechanic US$75. Parking costs a lot, too, and it at a premium. Traffic downtown can be a gridlock nightmare. Ride your bike! - Aug 2008

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