What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

None, with Amazon, you can get most things you "wish" you had shipped. - May 2020

Canned goods, salad dressing, baking supplies - May 2015

Can't really think of anything that you can't get here or get shipped through the DPO. The embassy has a small commissary for some U.S. products, and arranges periodic commissary orders from Germany for people who want other specific items (Thanksgiving turkeys, various liquid items, etc.). Many over the counter pharmaceuticals in the US are by prescription here, so you may want to pack up on those before coming. - Aug 2014

Green Chile, vanilla, baking soda. - Oct 2008

Anything you can carry. Especially high price items such as clothing, electronics, winter gear, sporting gear, shoes, boots, car parts and oil, liquor of any kind. Don't plan on making any major puchases locally (underscore this!).Order it off the internet or do without. - Aug 2008

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