What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

SATS is ubiquitous; it's got a range of memberships and is reasonable compared to gym memberships in the US. - May 2020

There are all kinds of gyms and fitness studios here. There's crossfit, yoga, pilates, swimming, gyms and spas. Prices range from what you'd find in the US to a bit more. Swedes are very health-conscious, and the availability of gyms and relatively modest pricing reflects that. For basic gyms, most people use SATS or Nordic Wellness. The gym at the embassy is small and depressing. - Jan 2017

Gyms are nice (albeit a bit pricey) and the embassy has a very small gym. There are tons of trails and parks for runners. - May 2015

Sure, but expensive. - Aug 2014

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