What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Warm summers (70s), cool fall (50s), winter can be mild since it's on the water - temperatures range from 20s to 40s, spring is crazy, 60s one day and flurries the next. - May 2020

Stockholm is definitely on the cooler end of possible overseas assignments. Summer months are lovely, with temperatures in the upper 70s(F). Winters can be cold, but thanks to Stockholm's location on the Baltic, it is never as cold as in other parts of the country. - Jan 2017

Cold and dark during the winter, and winter is LONG here. Beautiful in the summer (i.e. July) - May 2015

Winters are long and pretty cold (snowy, but typically not frigid). More importantly, winters are DARK. The embassy issues natural light lamps ("happy lamps") to combat the depression that ensues from the darkness, but for some people, it really is a struggle. And even if winters aren't as harsh as you might fear, they are very long, with truly warm weather often not coming until late May or even later. Spring and fall are pretty short. Summers are glorious, rarely getting outright hot and nights always cooler and pleasant. Summer daylight goes on seemingly without end (at its peak, it never actually gets dark here at night, just a little darker than the day). - Aug 2014

Beautiful summers with sun that barely sets, long dark cold winters with sun rising barely on the horizon for about 4 hours a day. - Oct 2008

Sunny and warm but not hot in the summer. No night. Damp and cloudy fall. Mild winter temps with snow. Dark Nov-Feb. - Aug 2008

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