What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

If you use a service, it is very expensive, approximately $50/hour for cleaning. - May 2020

Again - expensive. A lot of embassy employees share help. I hire a person to clean every two weeks, and it costs about $50 for four to five hours. - Jan 2017

Extremely expensive, unless you bring your own from the U.S. or a third country). - May 2015

Not particularly easy to find, and would be very expensive if you do find it. I don't know of many people here who have domestic help except perhaps for nannies for their kids that they have brought in. - Aug 2014

Available, but I have never had one because they cost a lot. Just a babysitter (High school girl) charges 70 SEK (Around US$10.00) per hour. Nannies and house cleaners are more. - Oct 2008

Ha ha ha!! Maids run about US$12/hr and are not very good. You can bring one in with you - this is very expensive and a difficult procedure. - Aug 2008

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