How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Grocery stores are generally well stocked and are everywhere. They can run out of goods for periods of time, ie a type of bread you might like might not be in stock for a week (for no apparent reason) or riced cauliflower is there one day and then you never see it again. - May 2020

This is an expensive city (a standard cocktail out costs about $20), so be prepared to leave without savings. Having the DPO helps a lot, and Americans get many things shipped to us via Amazon.

The grocery stores are well stocked, though smaller than in the US, and contain fewer choices than at a Giant or Safeway. All kinds of produce are available year-round, though prices are reflected in off-season fruits and vegetables. - Jan 2017

Most everything is available, and the Embassy has a small store to supplement what is missing from the local economy. Grocery stores are more limited than in the states, but everything is very high quality. Groceries are expensive, but this is one of the most expensive cities in the world! - May 2015

Everything is available, prices are very high for most things. - Aug 2014

Super expensive. Everything is at least double what is costs in USA. - Oct 2008

Here's the catch to Stockholm:it's expensive. And I mean EXPENSIVE.Prices can shoot you straight into depression. The grocery stores have everything you need, but most people heavily rely on Commissary orders (organized about 2x/yr) and mail order grocery stores as much as possible. - Aug 2008

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