Stockholm - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

The only problem would be in the winter when it's icy, but that's a problem for everyone. - Dec 2020

No, Sweden is an accessible city. - Sep 2020

No. - May 2020

It depends on the level of disability, but generally not. Sidewalks are wide, though sometimes made of cobblestone. Buildings have ramps and elevators. Busses and the T-bana are accessible for wheelchairs. - Jan 2017

Sweden seems to very accommodating to those with disabilities, but many buildings lack ramps and elevators. - May 2015

Probably not much of a problem here, although many, many buildings have really tiny elevators (with manual doors and a sliding iron gate) that would probably not accommodate a wheelchair (and may have steps leading up to the entrance anyway). - Aug 2014

Slightly a problem, but I think most handicap people can get around e.g., there are ramps, special busses,rails in restrooms & showers,etc. - Oct 2008

Little. The sidewalks are well maintained and there are elevators in all the subway stations. Handicapped people are often out and about in the city. - Aug 2008

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