Malabo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Awesome house/property from embassy housing pool. Ours is 3 bedrooms/ 2.5 baths. Housing Board takes into consideration distance from embassy, so, under 20 minutes. - Apr 2021

Housing is beautiful, large house with big garden. House size 160 sqm or more. Commute time it's little. Almost no traffic and distance are small - Apr 2021

Grand houses for expats: 3+ bedrooms and baths. Most houses are located in Malabo, the capital city. The main thoroughfares and toll roads do not have traffic.   It is the roads around the markets and schools where there are bottlenecks, so pad time in your commute during early morning drop-off, lunchtime (around 1pm), and later afternoon pick up (3pm). - Jul 2020

The housing is very comfortable whether on compound or off. Every residence has three bedrooms. The closet space is a little small on compound but everything else is good. We live on compound in a 2-story townhouse with ample space. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk to work. The compound has a pool, gym, walking trail, and tennis/basketball court. - Aug 2017

A new Embassy compound complete with townhouses was completed in 2013. Beautifully constructed homes with modern appliances (a dishwasher!) and new furniture. The compound has its own water purification system, so you can drink the water out of the tap. Compound also has a pool and tennis court. Commute time is a 2 minute walk. :) - Sep 2014

Embassy housing is far from perfect (housing will be part of the new embassy scheduled for completion in summer 2013). With some patience and a sense of adventure, the housing is passable. Based on the European style, rooms don’t have closets. - Jun 2012

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