Malabo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Rainy season is WET. Dry season is hot, but there are many pleasant days. Early mornings/evenings can be very humid--about 1/4 of the year, non-consecutively. The Paseo Maritimo is a great place to go for winds near the water. - Apr 2021

Extremely wet on a rainy season, hot all year around 30 celsius. - Apr 2021

It's temperate: 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.   If you plan to hike the volcano or ascend to other places of higher elevation, you'll need to bundle up. From April to October, the rainy season lives up to its name; knee-high boots, a wind-resistant umbrella, and a rain jacket/outfit will keep you dry and comfy. - Jul 2020

Hot but manageable. The rainy seasons last for several months. - Aug 2017

It is never cold here. There are two main seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season is divided into two sections as well, starting off with a month or two of heavy rains in the morning, then clear skies for the afternoon. This is followed by a few months where it rains pretty consistently throughout the day. The rainy season ends with the "soft rain" season, where the rain comes and goes throughout the day with sunshine in-between. It cools off during the rainy season, and the nights are very pleasant during this time. - Sep 2014

Thanks to its coastal and equatorial location, EG’s temperatures vary only a few degrees throughout the year. Daily highs range from 85 to 90 degrees F. The temperature itself is moderate if you don’t include the humidity, which makes it very sticky even in the evenings. In any event, it’s better than July/August in Washington, D.C. In the rainy season it can be in the high 70s and quite nice with an evening breeze. - Jun 2012

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