Rabat - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Everyone lives in local neighborhoods a 15 to 30 min drive from the embassy depending on traffic. Families with children typically live in villas/town houses; singles and couples without children usually live in apartments. All the housing seems to be a good size with lots of space but some houses are older. Overall the quality of housing is excellent but if you live in a villa expect to be a drive from other embassy people. We loved our house as the area was walkable and close to many shops and restaurants. Other neighborhoods are less walkable or less close to convenient locations. - May 2022

Single family house with a small yard. We understand complaints about housing are common (mold, shoddy construction, cockroaches, etc.). - Apr 2018

We are in an apartment approximately a 15-minute walk from the embassy. The complex is new (built about 2.5 years ago) and very nice: large, spacious rooms, marble flooring, new bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and large windows, with 3 bed and 2.5 bath.

Families with children get villas, which range in age, but as far as I have seen generally have large gardens, many rooms, and are mostly located in the same neighborhood. Singles or couples usually get apartments, which are located all over the city. Traffic, while a bit crazy, flows pretty well and commutes are rarely over 30 minutes from anywhere in the city to the embassy. - Oct 2017

Families all live in detached villas, while singles and couples get apartments. Housing is spread across the city, but most commutes are between 15-25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Houses range from vintage to modern. Older houses will have larger yards, beautiful tile mosaic walls, and a lot of space. Newer houses lack the character of the old houses, but are sleek and clean. Apartments run the gamut of quality, but are usually spacious. - Oct 2017

Most families live in houses, with decent size gardens. Commute time for us is about 15 minutes. - Aug 2017

Houses are nice but not to U.S. standards. It's hit or miss in the housing pool right now. That said, Facilities and GSO do everything they can to support you and make you comfortable. Many folks are housed in apartments; Agdal is the downtown area and is great for no kid households, Mahaj Riad is great for families with teens or tiny kids--no grass/play area. Commute varies and we move to the new embassy compound (NEC) in 11/2014 so all that will change, but typically now-20-30 minutes. There is a beach community as well with fabulous views (Hauhorra--spelling??) but the houses are much older and the commute is 40-60 minutes. Regardless of where you live you will struggle with the traffic here. Plan twice as long as it should take to get anywhere. - Jul 2014

Most singles and some couples live in apartments in wealthy neighborhoods, and families and many couples lives in houses in these neighborhoods. The housing is generally good. Most people have good yards and plenty of space. Our house is enormous, but has almost no yard. Commutes are quite reasonable, like 10-20 minutes. - Nov 2011

Housing here is very nice. - Nov 2011

Most of the Embassy have lovely homes with yard. Best places to live are Hay Riad and Souissi. Temara is by the ocean and is gaining some popularity. Nice apartments in Agdal which is the hip city center area with lots of restaurants and shops. Rents are very high, more like D.C. Many of the houses have unusual floor plans that are not typical of the US. Also heating is limited and because of the concrete construction they can be very cold. - Sep 2011

Apartments and single-family houses. Some of the homes are quite nice, older homes have larger yards. Bedrooms are limited to about 4 max, which could be a problem for large families. Rabat is not a large city so commute times are 10-15 min's depending on the time of day. - Apr 2010

Nice, large homes 10-20 commute to Embassy or American school. - Jun 2008

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