Rabat - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Good weather, nice housing, kind community, very safe, great travel and shopping options. - May 2022

Clean air, beach, and manageable size. - Apr 2018

It has pretty much any amenity you would like. The American Club is close to completion on its renovations and we have a pool. We're right on the coast and have an international airport. It's clean and safe, the weather is almost too perfect, and the people are friendly. I feel so lucky to be here! - Oct 2017

It's a sleepy, safe, coastal city with a great climate and lots to do, either locally or via travel. Managing traffic can be dicey, but commute times are easy for the U.S. embassy community. - Oct 2017

Travel opportunities, amazing food, experiencing the various cultures (Arab & Berber), and the weather. This may sound weird to put in this section but the dental care is GREAT and very affordable! Dr. Rami (chat with CLO) speaks English and is fantastic. CLO has an extensive knowledge of Morocco; use their experience to maximize your time here. - Jul 2014

The weather is quite good, with lots of sunshine and few truly hot or cold days. Of course we have easy access to famous Moroccan tourist destinations like Fes, Marrakesh, and Tangier. There is some amazing shopping available. For a developing country's capital, Rabat is pretty low-stress. However, in the American system we also don't get any "hardship allowance" currently. - Nov 2011

Special advantages include: Proximatey to other places -- Portugal, Spain, France. Tickets are extremely cheap...right before the taxes Morocco levies on your flight. - Nov 2011

The weather in Rabat is incredible. It is about 70 degrees F. all year. It has a rainy season but it is not very long or heavy and the vegetation becomes very lush. Rabat is a quiet, mellow city perfect for families. The country has so many wonderful places to visit that offer spectacular views of nature, architecture etc. - Sep 2011

Weather, saving money. - Apr 2010

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