Rabat - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The embassy has a gym. We brought our own equipment so aren’t familiar with other options. - May 2022

There are gyms across town. Unfortunately, there are very limited gym facilities for children. - Apr 2018

The U.S. embassy has a good gym and the commissary grounds have two pools (adult and kid sized), which are open seasonally. There is a tennis club/gym/indoor pool complex within a 10-minute walk of the embassy, as well as a golf club and horseback riding club within easy drives of the embassy. There are many other gyms around town. There is also an embassy/diplomatic softball league that runs out of the Rabat American School. Running/cycling/walking trails abound all over the city and are safe. - Oct 2017

There are gyms all over the city. The embassy has a well-equipped gym, and the American Club has a pool that's open seasonally. There are also many walking and running trails in the city (Foret Hilton, the Corniche, out by the Royal Golf Club). Surf clubs in Rabat and just south. Skate parks. There are plenty of opportunities. - Oct 2017

Yes, pricey. - Jul 2014

Yes, there are a range of options at different price points and neighborhoods. Also the Marine House and the Rabat American School have rooms. There is a very large park where most people go to run; there are plenty of people around there. - Nov 2011

Marine House. Passable. Barely. The local gyms are not for the peasantry, hence their hefty price. $200 a month for a gym. - Nov 2011

Yes, there are several and they are expensive. - Sep 2011

Yes, but very expensive for what you get. Marine House has a decent small gym that embassy personnel can use for free. - Apr 2010

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